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Free Mileage Template

Simple excel template for recording your annual business mileage.
Car Make/Model
Car Registration.
Mileage Rate.
Total yearly Miles.

Useful Information

Annual mileage rates.
Business Mileage first 10,000 40p
Business Mileage thereafter 25p
HMRC Website

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Allowance Relief.
Example. You use your own car for 900 business miles and your employer pays you 30p per mile. The approved amount is £405 (900 times 45p). The allowance you get from your employer is £270 (900 times 30p). Your Mileage Allowance Relief is £135 (£405 less £270). The Mileage Allowance Relief will reduce the amount of income you pay tax on, so your tax bill will reduce by £135 at 20% (if you're a basic rate taxpayer) or at 40% (if you're a higher rate taxpayer) and at 45% (if you're an additional rate taxpayer)

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